Top 3 Brands Of Pressure Cooker As Recommended By Actual Users

pressure cookerNowadays, there are plenty of options that you can find when looking for pressure cooker. This airtight pot allows you to prepare and cook your meals faster than conventional methods. It’s perfect for preparing and cooking a wide variety of foods, like meats, soups, beans, and so on. Because of the high temperatures that it can reach, you can cook any type of recipe to perfection.

Unfortunately, with so many different companies that manufacture such pot, it has become difficult to determine the right product for your needs. To make it easier for you to buy the pressure cooker for your kitchen needs, you may refer to the list of top 3 highly recommended brands of pressure cooker.

  1. All American 921

It’s an outstanding pressure cooker that has a lengthy warranty. It comes with massive, spacious container. It’s made of highest durable aluminum materials. Instead of gaskets or rubbers to seal the pressure inside, it utilizes metal sealing.

It has changeable settings – 5psi, 10psi and 15psi. This pressure cooker has an automatic pressure release regulator and steam pressure gauge.

You can be sure of its durability and quality because it’s completely made in USA. This means that it adheres with the industry’s strict standards.

  1. Presto presssure cooker

It’s one of the most affordable pressure cookers. Despite its low price tag, it doesn’t lack quality. It’s designed for making large quantity of recipes and preserving jellies, fruits, etc. It heats up quickly and evenly because it’s made of aluminum wrap resistant material. For proper canning, this product has a built-in release vent that releases pressure build-up.

Unlike the number 1 choice, Presto comes with a 12-year limited warranty only. The package has a canning and cooking rack.

If you’re looking for cheaper option without compromising quality, then Presto is a good fit.

  1. Instant Pot LUX60

It’s a versatile pressure cooker that can cook fast and steam rice. Its latest user interface has 3 different modes and delay timer that can keep your food up to 24 hours. This product has energy efficient programs suitable for stew, slow cook, steam, rice, etc. best pressure cooker

The package includes rice paddle, measuring cup, soup spoon and steam rack. You’ll also get a recipe book written in four different languages.

It may not be as affordable as Presto but its extra features make this product a worthy investment. It truly deserves high ratings.

When choosing the right pressure cooker, you’ll need to scour the net and read reviews to help you determine the one that suits your needs. It’s also advisable that you know the features that you’re looking for in this type of airtight pot.

Tips for Using the Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers made cooking easier, faster, and more convenient for many of us busy in work or just do not have the time for meal preparations. However, several accidents have been reported due to wrong use of pressure cookers. It is crucial that you follow the instructions for use carefully to avoid such incidents. As experts label it, pressure cookers are considered potential source of threat in your homes when used hastily.

But there is no need for you to worry anymore. Innovations and development in the manufacture of pressure cookers made it safer for home use. Most of the pressure cookers available in the market today are equipped with automatic lid-lock system. Also, pressure-release systems are built inside the pressure cookers to speed up pressure release.

fagor electric pressure cooker

So what you might need for now are few tips in using pressure cookers. They are listed below:

Read the Manual Carefully

It is important that you read the manual from top to bottom. Not all pressure cookers have the same mechanisms therefore you cannot assume that your new pressure cooker works the same as your old model. This reduces risks of product mishandling and it gives you the know-how when unexpected incidents occurred.

Take Your Time

You need to wait for your pressure cooker to release all of its stored pressure before opening it. Failure to do so may cause the contents of the pressure cooker to burst out and cause serious burn injuries.

Avoid Fix-It-Yourself Attitude

When your pressure cooker seem to be not working well, never attempt to open the device and do some fixing. This may pose serious harm to you and it is advisable that you bring the product to its distributor for proper maintenance.

Check out for more tips on how to cook with your pressure cooker.

Hawaiian Ukelele: The sound of Paradise

mahaloukuleleBreath-taking sceneries, tropical climate, and white sand beaches are merely some of the best features Hawaii could offer. It is one of the most favorite tourist spots all over the globe. When talking about Hawaii, we should not fail to mention the type of music popularized by this small state. We often hear Hawaiian-tinged music in the soundtrack of famous Hollywood movies. And when we talk about Hawaiian music, only one famous instrument comes into our minds: the Ukulele.

Ukulele is a four-stringed musical instrument that belongs to the guitar family but it is much smaller. It is also called “uke” and it comes in 4 different sizes namely soprano or standard (13 inches or 33 cm), concert (15 inches or 38 cm), tenor (17 inches or 43 cm), and baritone (19 inches or 48 cm). The size of the instrument affects its volume and tone. The larger the size, the louder is the volume and the deeper is the tone.

In Hawaii, the word ukulele generally means “jumping flea” and it is closely associated with the fingers’ movement when playing the instrument. Portuguese immigrants were the ones who introduced the musical instruments machete, rajao, and cavaquinho to the Hawaiian Islands. All these three instruments look like a guitar. In an attempt to innovate these instruments, people from Hawaii came up with the ukulele in 1880s.

Ukulele was imprinted further in the history of Hawaiian music because of the fervent support of King Kalākaua. He insistently promoted the instrument by integrating the use of ukulele in presentations during noble gatherings. For that, he was recognized as an art patron. You can check out more ukulele info here

Commonly, ukuleles are made of wood and they are figure-8 shaped. Some modern ukuleles are oval in shape and they are called “pineapple”. One of the most expensive ukuleles is made of a Hawaiian wood known as Koa. Ukuleles made from this wood usually cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Among the famous types of ukulele is Lanikai. It is considerably cheaper compared to other types and it is said to be the best uke for those who would love to start playing with a tenor. The popular singer Jason Mraz is believed to be using a Lanikai because he was seen holding one in a photo.

Kala is another type of ukulele which is very favorable for those who want to have a good quality uke at a reasonable price. Kala has recently introduced its cheaper version called Makala. Surely, this will be a hit to those who want to have a uke for only $50. It is probably the cheapest yet playable tenor uke in the market today.

If you want an affordable uke that is made of solid mahogany wood, Ohana is the right one for you. It is usually sold at around $200 and it is indeed cheap considering the fact that it is made from mahogany.

If you prefer quality over quantity, KoAloha is the best uke for you. It was first created in 1995 and since then, it has gained the respect of ukulelists around the world because of its superb quality. The name KoAloha was derived from the Hawaiian wood “Koa” and the Hawaiian greeting “Aloha” which means peace. KoAloha usually costs $400 and above and it is manufactured in Hawaii. The cheaper version of KoAloha, the KoAlona, is sold at around $100 – $200 but it is created in China and only polished in Hawaii. The cheapest one though and best for beginners is the mahalo ukulele

Ukulele does not look as grandiose as cello and violin but the music it creates is truly pleasing to the soul. Imagine yourself sitting along the shore with the sound of ukulele serenading you. It adds to the relaxing ambience and definitely you can say it’s the sound of paradise.

Polynesian Tattoo – Origins and Design Ideas

The application of tattoos has been an essential part of the Polynesian culture, which started several years ago. This has then paved way for the fame of the Polynesian tattoos. Polynesia is located on the Pacific Ocean. It is composed of thousands of spectacular. Even though the practice of tattooing is quite common for the entire Polynesian islands, every island has its own different style when it comes to tattoo patterns and designs.

polynesian tattoo

However, before you could comprehensively understand the details of these tattoos, it is significant that you first know and understand its history. In Polynesian history, there is a legendary tale that is related to tattoos. It is supposed that Ta’arao, the “God of Creation,”had 2 sons who taught such art out, which includes meanings, designs and the methodological factors of Polynesian tattoos.


There are lots of designs that you may find in Polynesian tattoos. These designs include the animals that live within the Polynesian area. Animals like sharks, gecko, sea urchin, mantas and bonitos are only some of the examples. Since tattooing has been recognized as a sacred process, behind the designs are their important meanings. One of the many popular designs is the Polynesian tattoo which is worn by a number of people these days. Having this particular tattoo on one’s body symbolizes bravery and power. Wearing this tattoo design for most people who have it mean courageousness because of its location itself. This theme is a favorite tattoo designs for men .


Practicing the art of tattooing in Polynesian islands has been linked to several rituals that need to be done as the person is being tattooed. These rituals also apply during the application of the Polynesian tat, making it more sacred and meaningful to the person who wears it. Also, according to most Polynesian people in the early years, wearing this kind of tattoo makes a person more sexually attractive, which is somehow true to some.


Before, people who wear this tattoo really symbolizes power and courage because of the scars that needs to tolerate just to complete the whole process. If one is not courageous, then he won’t have the guts to try the application process. This makes this tattoo design really cool and essential.

Tattoo by miamitattooshop/flickr

Pirate Tattoos – Meanings and Designs

Nowadays, the tattoos have become the newest style statement for people of all ages, and the pirate ship tattoo is one of those body art that are highly sought after. Its distinctive design and fresh appearance makes it more noticeable than other designs.

pirate tattoo

This makes this design stand out and this is the very reason why it is much preferred by most individuals who love tats. More often than not, these body arts come in huge sizes, with their designs made from dark colors, that make them really attractive. These designs of tattoo are primarily created using bold colors such as red, green, green, black and so on. The utilization of those colors is one of the key factors that make the body art extremely noticeable.

tattoos for women

The pirate ship tattoo has managed to become in demand after it was seen in the character of Jack Sparrow from the well known movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. After which, the pirate ship design for tattoo has became the style statement, chosen by many individuals to complement their cool feature. It can usually be show as a design for rib tattoos for both male and female enthusiasts.


Many people do not actually choose to embellish this design of tattoo just because of its bold and dramatic look, but more importantly, because of the significance it is associated with. As its name suggests, the design contains a ship and the environment surrounding it. It could also symbolize the status of a person’s life.

Say, for instance, if the ship shown in the tattoo appears to be swiftly and smoothly sailing, it means that everything in the person’s life is moving well and is on their course. This is then the representation that things in the lives of the person who has the design. On the other hand, if the designed tattoo is sailing in tough waves and stormy weather, it signifies that a thing in a person’s life is not right and his life in general is not moving in accordance to his desires. It only means that the tat design can actually signify both positive and negative things, depending upon the specific style or design inked on the body.